Mary Ann Hanna wife of Phillip King Moore – Ancestry of Mary Ann Hanna


Mary Ann Hanna Moore


mary ann hanna obit

Mary Hanna Moore, wife of Philip K. Moore, deceased, died on Wednesday, April 2, at her home in Middlecreek Township. Although she had suffered a stroke of paralysis recently, her death was sudden and unexpected. She was born on August 9, 1843 on the farm now owned by Penrose Wolf, near Rockwood. She was the daughter of William and Harriett (Walter) Hanna, both deceased, and was married to Philip K. Moore on January 9, 1870. She is survived by one brother, J.W. Hanna of Rockwood and the following named children: W.J. Moore of Vandergrift, J.L. Moore of Rockwood, JH Moore of Boswell, FK Moore and Martha J. Moore both at home….buried at Union Cemetery at New Centerville.


mary ann hanna grave

Mary Ann Hanna Moore’s father:


Born March 9, 1805 in Somerset Co PAmap
Husband of Harriet (Walter) Hanna — married October 16, 1842 [location unknown]
[children unknown]
DiedAugust 12, 1890 in New Centreville, Somerset Co PAmap
William Hanna’s father:
James BHanna

Born November 1, 1770 in Ballybay, Co. Monghan, IrelandmapBallybay (Irish: Béal Átha Beithe, meaning “mouth of the ford of the birch“) is a town centered on the crossroads of the R183 and R162 regional roads. The name in English means “The Mouth of the Ford of the Birches”.)
Husband of Ann (Leech) Hanna — married 1794 in York Co PAmap
DiedSeptember 16, 1819 in Somerset Co PAmap
HANNA FAMILY OF PETERSBURG (ADDISON) PENNSYLVANIAJames, the only son [sic] of Alexander and Martha, was born in Ireland in 1770 and come with his parents to America when young and died in Milford Township in 1819. James served as Representative to the Legislature and was a State Senator; he was also Brigade Inspector for three counties. He married Ann Leech in 1794 and was the father of John, Mary, Thomas, James, Alexander, William, Phoebe, Jane, Martha and Anna.John, the eldest son of James, was born in York County in 1795, thereby being only three years old when the entire Hanna clan moved to Somerset County. John was a member of the Legislature and was elected as a Justice of the Peace in 1825 for the Addison and Turkeyfoot Townships. He officiated at many local wedding ceremonies for the entire region.John was married to Sarah McNeil and in 1825 built a large brick home on the Southeast side of the Casselman River beside the road. This building is still standing and is in excellent condition. Today it is a “Bed and Breakfast Inn” and is known as “Hannahouse”, a tribute to the pioneer family of bygone days.John Hanna died in 1882 at 87 years of age and was buried in the “Jersey Cemetery.”Alexander, another son of James, was born in 1802 and was a legendary character who lived in Harnedsville. He built the first log building on the road leading from the Old Fort on the River, which was located below the Old Red Bridge site. This building was located on the river bank and was used for many years as a Hotel.The first elected Justice of the Peace in the villiage of Harnedsville was Alexander Hanna. He served six terms. He was Major of the Militia and a Brigade Inspector.Major Hanna was a man of powerful build and strength weighting two hundred and forty pounds when he was eighteen years old. Many tales have been recorded of his almost unbelievable feats, among which one is told of a battle he had with the McClintocks on a “Mustering Day.” One of the McClintocks slashed him across the abdomen with a knife, so that his bowels gushed through the slit. Holding his intestines in with one hand, he thrashed his assailants with the other. Fortunately, some witnesses intervened and the brawl was broken up. Hanna then went to a doctor for surgical attention. At another time, when the National Pike was being build, some young men who wished to test his courage, fastened a bear in a dark pen and dared Hanna to enter. He went in, and when the bear attacked him, he struck the animal with his fist and broke its jaw. (A similar tale has been handed down in family folklore!) Another amazing feat which Hanna performed was the lifting of a casting weighing fourteen hundred pounds.Alexander was first married to Jane Rush who died at the age of 39 and was buried in the Cemetery at Pattytown, Pennsylvania. His second wife was Rachael Holliday. He fathered eleven children to his first wife and also eleven children to his second wife.Major Hanna died in 1881 and was buried in the Cross Roads Cemetery near his Grandfather and namesake.Submitted by: Lawson L. Duckworth for the “Old Petersburg-Addison Historical Society” who compiled this information. ( more descendants are given in Hanna of Castle Sorbie by James A M Hanna.

Born 1737 in Irelandmap
Son of [father unknown] and [mother unknown]
[sibling(s) unknown]
Husband of Martha (Unknown) Hanna — married [date unknown] [location unknown]
Died July 8, 1809 in Somerset Co PA
Alexander Hanna Sr was born either in Scotland or Ireland in 1737, emigrated to America in 1771 and settled in York Co PA. In 1798, Alexander, and his wife Martha, their four children and three grandchildren moved to Milford Township, Somerset Co PA. Alexander Sr died in 1809 and was buried at the Cross Roads Cemetery near Harnedsville. He was a veteran of the American Revolution.
Information from a William Hanna on Clan Hannay Society, Facebook:
Hope this helps. Your Alexander Hanna B 1737 Ballybay Ireland Died 8July 1809 Lower Turkey Foot Somerset Penna. His father Robert Hanna B1695 Ballybay Ireland Died 1758 Somerset Penna. His Father Robert Hanna B 1680 Wigton Scotland Died 1769 Ulster Ireland His Father Alexander Hanna b 1600 SORBIE SCOTLAND

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