Mary Adams (Alverna Spratt’s mother)


Belonged to Mary Adams. You can read the entire book here: Possession – Briget Moore Murphy/heirs. Nothing underlined or written in book.



The Westminster Question Book

Can not find out who was the father of Alverna. According to what my mom wrote down, Mary married (after Mr. Barry at some point) a _________ Murphy and had Alverna and her sisters and brothers, but I can find no records, even of her burial or death. John Moore (brother of Wayne M. Moore Jr and Denny Moore) says that sometime in the 1930’s the family took a trip to visit “the folks”, who were mountain people. They lived on a big mountain near Black Moshannon Lake in central PA. He thinks there probably aren’t many if any records of our Appalachian relatives and who knows if people were even legally married, and they were probably buried close to the house somewhere. But feel free to research 🙂


Marriage of Mary Adams to a William Barry. She was also married to a Murphy (???), who was father of Alverna. (???) She took back her maiden name after he left her.


Baptism certificate of Mary Adams. Mother Anna Huff, Father John Adams. 1854. St. Lawrence Roman Catholic Church was the result of missionary activity among the citizens of Houtzdale by the Rev. Martin Meagher. The first church was begun in April 1875, the building committee being P. J. McCullough, Frank Bolger, David Buckley, James Dunn, and John Garrity. The contractor was David C. Nelson. At the time of the first service, on 11 May 1876, the floor collapsed, killing Mr. Nelson, and injuring many others. Construction again commenced, and the building was completed in 1882. This structure was used until 1970 by the congregation, when, joining with the congregations of St. Barbara and Sacred Heart, the new parish of Christ the King was established in Houtzdale.















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